Hello blog world,

I just wanted to start off by telling you a little about myself. I was raised in a small town most of my life. During my high school years, we moved to a different place every six months to a year. I did not have stability in my life at all. I lived with my mom and did not have a close relationship with my dad. My mom was on her third marriage before I even graduated high school. My dad was also on his third marriage and currently on his fourth. I guess you could say that my concept of marriage was pretty twisted. Despite all that, I got married two months after I turned 18 to a man that I had been dating for six months who was eleven years older than me. I was naïve to say the least.

Five incredible and hard years later, we are still married. Literally, all because of the help of God. I know some may think that five years is nothing, but we have experienced so much in these five years its crazy. I am extremely proud that we are still married and will continue to fight to make sure we stay married. Making sure that happens is very hard to live out especially after everything that has happened in our marriage. As this blog develops, I will share our story. It is not glamorous by any means, actually the complete opposite. It is real, though, and definitely has a meaning of hope.

I know I am young and still possibly naïve, but I believe that marriage should be sacred and valuable. I want this blog to create a community of married people supporting each other in the good and bad. I want us to share stories with one another to let each other know we are not alone. I want us to encourage each other in the fight of keeping marriages together when society tells us to throw in the towel.

Marriages are a lot of work, but they bring such happiness and joy that can truly be life-changing.

Lets take this journey together.

Much love,