Couples that have been married for a few months can relate to the struggles that come along with ‘I do’. Of course, there is that honeymoon phase… but it can easily be short lived or even non-existent. Marriage is seen as such a difficult task that many couples have been together for years and chose to never get married. Why are marriages today portrayed in such a negative light?

  1. The divorce rates are extremely high and continue to be on the rise.
  2. The adoption of the no-fault laws in the late 1960’s. This allows divorce to happen for any reason.
  3. Gender equality movement: Although a positive movement, the marriage roles are severely affected by this.
  4. Attitude towards sex- most people do not feel the need to wait for marriage for sex which decreases the desire for marriages.
  5. Alternative lifestyles (living together, living alone or staying single)- some people are perfectly content with the idea of never getting married.

Marriage is all about give and take. I have heard the saying a million times “You gotta keep it 50/50”. I wholeheartedly disagree. It has to be 100/100 from both people with the expectation for nothing in return. People who go into marriages with the mindset of what they can get out of it become very unhappy, fast.

This blog is going to be about real life experiences, blessings, and issues found in marriages. My hope is to let other people know they are not alone in their struggles and that marriages can be worth all the effort!

Much love,